Wedmore Group

It's exciting being involved with us. We believe that through the everyday adventure of Scouting, young people and adult volunteers regularly experience new challenges that enrich their lives and meet life long friends. All this is made possible by the efforts of our dedicated team of hard working voluntary adults. If you'd like to get involved and volunteer to help us produce and deliver our fun, imaginative and varied programmes, we’d welcome you aboard as a member of our leadership team! Download information about our Group

Where to find us

You will find our Scout Den in Combe Lane, off Combe Batch, Wedmore BS28 4DY


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Membership fees

Running a Scout Group is not that expensive, but there are bills to be paid: the utility and maintenance costs for our Den; the equipment we use on meeting nights and camps, as well as special costs when we go out and – the bane of life in the 21st century – the annual insurance fee! The majority of the group’s income comes from subscriptions; however, we also use some of the money raised from hiring-out of our Den and our fund raising activities, to subsidise some activities. This helps to ensure that young people in our group have the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities.


Subscriptions are not paid until the young person feels that Scouting is right for them, and they are invested. The combined Group Subscription and Scout Association Annual Membership fee is collected monthly by the Online Scout Manager system that the Group uses - details of this and the My.SCOUT facility will be sent to you when your child joins the Group. The current monthly subscription is £10 - this meets the cost of: the day-to-day running the Section that your child is in the running expenses of Wedmore Scout Group, including the upkeep of the Scout Den and it’s equipment support from the Moors & Coastal Scout District, and Somerset County Scout Association the Scout Association's annual membership fee, which includes insurance cover for individuals while on approved Scout activities. The Group may be able to offer financial assistance with subs and other scouting costs if a family is experiencing financial hardship. The Group will consider such circumstances on a case by case basis, and discussions will always be in confidence.


Parents are encouraged to participate in the Gift Aid Scheme, which is managed on behalf of the Group by the Online Scout Manager (OSM), as this allows tax to be reclaimed and used by the Group. A Gift Aid declaration does not ask you to commit to paying the membership subscription for a set period. It can be cancel at any time. However, by completing a Gift Aid declaration, which will be forwarded to you via OSM, the Group is able to recover tax from your child's subscriptions

How much are the leaders paid

Not a sausage! Well, that’s not quite true – sometimes we do a barbecue and then the leaders get to eat a saussie or two if they’re left over. The leaders volunteer their time and skills without payment.

Parents’ Annual Presentation Evening

This is normally held at the Scout Den in, or around, June; and is often accompanied by a slide show and entertainment by the Beavers, Cubs or Scouts. The evening incorporates the Group’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which approves the Group’s Annual Report and Accounts; as well as the election of the Group Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and other members of the Group Executive Committee. If you can bring experience you have from working in other organisations or business, and have an interest in seeing the Group prosper, you are perfectly qualified to join the Executive Committee; or at least, to help in some other way.

Hire our hut

The hut can be hired parents and local organisations and is a great venue for children's’ parties and similar events. The Scout ‘Den’ is located on the boundary of the village, just off Combe Rise, on the Wells Road (go to map). It is well insulated, is double glazed, and has oil fired central heating that also provides the hot water supply; so it’s ‘cosy’ even in the colder months. It has a: large 14 X 6 metres hall with ample power points modern well equipped kitchen complete with crockery and cutlery ample tables, chairs and forms toilet and shower facilities stoned parking area emergency lighting There is a grassed area at the side, and to the rear of the hut, which can be used for outdoor games or activities, which is provided with flood lighting. Go to Mendip Scout Base website Download a brochure

Looking after your data

So that we can safely deliver Scouting within the Beaver, Cub, and Scout sections; it needs to hold basic information about the young people, their parents or carers, and about its adult volunteers; including the Group Executive, that make up its membership. The "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR) dictate how we must treat this; so our Privacy Notice describes what data we hold, and how we uses it to provide Scouting. The broad terms of how we do this are set out below

Membership Records

To help us, please fill out a Young Person Information Form, and hand it to your child's Leader. The Group will also keep details of each member's progress through Scouting (badges gained etc.). The Group uses the ‘Online Scout Manager’, which is an internet based program that has the required levels of security, to hold these records. Parents have access to these records via the My.SCOUT system.


Sometimes photographs, digital and/or video images of Members of Wedmore Scout Group taking part in activities are used within the Scout Group, in District or County Newsletters and/or websites, are submitted to the local newspapers, or are put on display.

Consent Sheet

Certain information needs your explicit consent to keep, as does taking, storing and using photographs, digital and/or video images of your child. A Consent Sheet, which gives us the authority to do this will be given to you when your child joins the Group (download a copy now) - please return the completed sheet to your child's Leader. The way that the Group stores and uses this information is set out in its Privacy Notice. Information held in by the Group may be shared within Scouting, including the Headquarters of the Association. However, none of the information that is provided will be passed to any third parties outside the Scout Movement, without your consent

Our Group’s Story

The Group was re-established in 1993, after being closed for some years - but its history goes back to the early days of Scouting The Troop was first registered in 1919, so this picture shows the original members of the Troop, which was under the leadership of the Rev. Chisholm, the vicar of St. Mary's Church, Wedmore. In 1928 the Troop is recorded as having one Scout Master (Rev. Chisholm) and two Assistant Scout Masters, with 14 Scouts. The Assistant Scout Masters were Mr H Brown and Mr S Pavey. The Group is mentioned in the Local Association returns in 1932 as having 16 Scouts, two Rover Scouts and two Leaders, but seems to have disappeared some time after 1935, when the picture on the right was taken. It is likely that the Group closed during the period of the 1939 / 45 war. However, it was re-registered in 1947 with the Rev. H C T Morgan, the vicar of St. Mary's Church, as the Group Scout Master and Mr D A Kennewell as Scout Master, together with 12 Scouts. Once again, the Group appears to have closed, as records are not available. In 1965, Mrs Vera Banwell opened a Wolf Cub Pack and was later joined by Judith Hunter and Beryl Higgs as Assistant Cub Masters. In due course, in 1971 a Scout Troop was started under the leadership of Mr G B Daine (Scout Leader) with help from Mr D Johnson as Assistant Scout Leader. The Group continued under various leaders and with varying sections, until part of the hut roof was blown off early in 1990, leaving them without anywhere to meet. By November 1990, there were no active Beaver, Cub or Scout sections and only two serving officers from the Group’s Executive left, so the Group closed for a while. It was subsequently restarted in 1994 when a Beaver Colony was established; followed by a Cub Pack in 1995, then a Scout Troop in 1996. The Beaver Colony later closed in 2000 due to a lack of leaders, and the Cub Pack closed temporarily in 2006, for the same reason; but both are now running again. Work on the hut has continued over the years, and it is now fully fitted out; including the provision of central heating. The final phase involved removing the original timber cladding and replacing it with insulated wall panels, and double glazed windows; then installing an insulated roof. Download a brief history of the Group