What is this document about?

So that Wedmore Scout Group can safely deliver Scouting within the Beaver, Cub, and Scout sections; it needs to hold basic information about the young people, their parents or carers, and about its adult volunteers; including the Group Executive, that make up its membership. The information that it collects enables it to provide the best service to them; by ensuring that the leaders have all the information they need to deliver that service, in a safe and appropriate manner. The "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR) dictate how the Group must treat this; and requires that it publishes this Privacy Notice, which describes to you (the "data subject" - the person whose data is held) what data it holds, some of which is classed as ‘Sensitive Personal Data’; as well as what and how the Group uses it to provide Scouting.

Personal information

The Group stores the ‘Personal Data’ that it has about its membership, on the Online Scout Manager (OSM); which is a third-party online management system (Data Processor) specifically developed for Scouting and Guiding Organisations. It is used for handling, collecting, storing and updating personal information relevant to the day to day running of the Group; as well as conducting reviews, recording payments, and bookings for events, etc. Personal Information about the Group’s adult members is also held by Somerset County Scouts Training Team; as well as on the Scout Association’s online ‘Compass’ System. This includes details of their training, any activity permits that are held, and DBS Disclosure status, etc. The Group also keep digital images of its members taking part in activities; which are used for publicity purposes, and to add to the Group’s history; however, the young person’ names are not linked to the image. The leaders store these images locally on their personal digital devices. No paper records of this information are held; although, on limited occasions, records may be printed out to take to camps / sleepovers, where online access is not possible, or for use at meetings. These physical records are then destroyed after the event.

What information do we hold?

The personal data about the Group’s members, leaders, and their immediate family members that is kept on OSM, includes information about some, or all of the following: name & date of birth – to allow us to record their progress in Scouting contact information – so that we can get hold of you, should we need to do so health & well-being – so that we are prepared for medical emergencies disabilities – to make sure that your child’s participation in activities is safe religious or similar beliefs – to help us to make appropriate arrangements, when necessary racial or ethnic origin – so that we are sensitive to their cultural needs presence at meetings – for badgework, and to enable ‘contact tracing’, should the need arise This information is used to contact you both routinely and in an emergency. The financial data the Group holds is also maintained on OSM. This includes your child’s monthly subscription and other one-off costs for special activities such as sleep-overs, camps or visits; also whether each individual is eligible for Gift Aid. This system handles all payments using the GoCardless online payment system; which is a secure online process that allows parents / carers to safely and easily make payments for their child.

Where do we get the information from?

Mostly, the information the Group holds is provided by their immediate family; or by the subject themselves. Additionally, it retains data about each member’s history in the Group; such as the badges that have gained, dates when they move between sections, and their participation in events; as well as digital images. This data is generated within the Group. Who controls the information and who has access to the data?


For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, the GDPR ‘Data Controller’ is "Wedmore Scout Group"; as it exercises overall control over the purpose for which, and the manner in which, personal data is processed. The Group can be contacted about this Privacy Notice by email at – ‘mailto:data- controller@wedmorescoutgroup.org.uk’. The information is kept on OSM to ensure that it is readily accessible to everyone that may need it; and so that it can easily be kept up-to-date and accurate. The data is protected by a system of permissions, passwords and encryption; to ensure that it is not available to people who should not have access to it. Digital images are securely stored by the Group’s leaders on their personal digital devices. The leaders are required to protect them with a password and/or access code, so that they are not available to people who should not have access to them.


Within the Group, the information stored on OSM can only be accessed by the leaders; and it’s Officers (Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) who are the Group’s Charity Trustees. However, as part of a larger Scouting Organisation, the Group shares some, or all of the information that it holds; with the Moors & Coastal Scout District, Somerset County Scouts, and the Scout Association headquarters. Apart from this, no information is passed outside the Scout Group, to Third Parties (unless legally required to do so). Where events are run that are away from the Group’s Den, it will share this information with a ‘Home Contact’; who is usually a volunteer in Scouting who acts as a go-between for the leaders to enable them to contact the parents in emergencies. If a young person moves to another Group, or to an Explorer Unit; we will seek the parents / carers consent before any information is shared with the new Group or Unit. The OSM ‘My.SCOUT’ facility provides all parents / carers with online access; to both their child’s and their own personal information. To do this, they must set-up an account with a secure login, (required to make payments, confirm attendance to events, etc.). This facility allows them to ensure that the information held by the Group is up to date; as they are able to amend records if needed. The Group sends out an annual reminder to all parents / carers asking to review their data.

Retention and Removal

The information is used only for the purposes of Scouting, and is ‘archived’ after the member leaves the Group. This archive is held for a further seven years, in case they return to the Group, and to allow GiftAid claims to be prepared; also to meet with the requirements of HMRC and the Charity Commissioner for keeping records of donations. Digital images are kept in perpetuity as they from part of the Group’s history. Parents / carers may ask the Group to delete their and / or their child’s information; however, the removal of this may hinder the Group’s capacity to provide that child with Scouting at a safe and appropriate level. Moreover, there may be circumstances it may need to be retained; for instance, to investigate a complaint, in which case the parent / carer will be notified. Download a copy of this Privacy Notice