Scouting changes lives - that’s a fact

No matter what their age, background or experience, young people can join our adventure, make many great friends and have a good deal of fun in the process.

We believe in helping our young people fulfil their potential by working in teams, learning by doing and thinking for themselves. We’re working to make Scouting available to all and we’re passionate about what we do.

Rafting scoutsWe give young people experiences they’ll never forget. The sort of adventure we offer is the chance to experience something different and the opportunity for young people to discover their potential.

Adventure is at the core of Scouting, which takes place when young people, in partnership with adults, work together based on the values of Scouting, and when young people -

  • enjoy what they are doing and have fun;
  • take part in activities indoors and outdoors;
  • learn by doing;
  • share in spiritual reflection;
  • take responsibility and make choices;
  • undertake new and challenging activities; and
  • make and live by their Promise.

All this is made possible by the efforts of our dedicated team of hard working voluntary adults. If you'd like to get involved and volunteer to help us produce and deliver our fun, imaginative and varied programmes, we’d welcome you aboard as a member of our leadership team!

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