Joining-inIt is worth waiting a couple of weeks to make sure that new members are settled and that Scouting is for them before buying a uniform. Locally, Dean’s shop at Cheddar stock a good range of Beaver, Cub and Scout uniform items. Additionally, the full range of uniform and optional accessories is available on-line from www.scoutshops.com.

Wedmore Scout Group wear a lemon coloured scarf with the Group's ‘Isle of Wedmore’ badge on it. Sometimes called a ‘necker’, the scarf and woggle that holds it in place, are presented to the young person at their investiture into the Colony, Pack or Troop.


InvestitureMembership badge

When a new member is ready to join officially, they make their promise during a short ceremony called an ‘investiture’ where they receive the Membership Award to show that they belong to the world-wide scout movement.  The Promise is based on the shared values of all scouts, but has a number of variations in wording, depending on each young person's personal faith and beliefs, which the Leaders are happy to discuss with each new member

We ask that all members to learn their promise off-by-heart, as it is important that they try their best to live by it.  However we understand that people can get nervous when having to speak in front of others, so during their investiture they will be asked to repeat their promise after a Leader.

The Beaver, Cub and Scout sections of this website show details of where all of the badges go on their uniform. There are also sheets for each section that provide information about the investiture ceremony, as well as details of the Promise, Law and Motto that are applicable. These can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate section below:

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