The Scout uniform gives a sense of belonging

P1040108You need to buy your uniform within the first few weeks of joining the Troop. However, it is worth waiting a couple of weeks to make sure that you are settled, and that Scouting is for you. Meanwhile, Cub Scouts should continue to wear their Cub Scout Uniform.

It is important to remember that when uniform is worn, it is an outward and visible sign, which should show Scouting at its best! The essential parts of the Scout uniform are:

  • Group Scarf – Wedmore Scout Group wear a lemon coloured scarf. Sometimes it is called a ‘necker’. The scarf is presented to you when you are invested into the Troop. Most Cub Scouts like to wear your old scarf.
  • Woggle – This is usually a leather ring bearing the scout logo, which holds the scarf in place.
  • Shirt - A long sleeved, kingfisher green shirt, with an embroidered scout logo, onto which the Scout badges are sewn.
  • Trousers – The official trousers are dark blue activity trousers with an embroidered scout logo on them.
  • Belt – The Scout belt is leather with a metal buckle bearing the scout logo. Where to get your uniform
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