To earn the Teamwork Challenge, you need to do these tasks over at least three months:

On at least three separate occasions, be part of a Scout team, where you work together to achieve a goal.

  • These will  help you to become a better team player and leader, both within Scouting and in preparation for your future role in society.

2  Give at least three examples of when you've been in different types of teams. Explain your role in those teams.

  • There are many different types of teams that you will have participate in, for example, working as a Patrol ,and games teams within the Troop, as well working together during residential experiences; or in sports teams and activity groups both in and outside Scouting..


Take part in at least three team building activities that you have not tried before.

  • Such activities, where you face a degree of challenge, are designed to help you to develop your leadership skills - be adventurous!

4  Take an active part in at least four Troop or Patrol Forums. At each forum, express your views on at least one item being discussed.

Scout - Teamwork

  • Troop forums and Patrol Leaders’ forums give you a say in the decision-making processes in Scouting, and provide the opportunity for you to participate in planning, reviewing and implementing the Troop's programme.




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