1 Take part in at least four different team games

  • This is an opportunity for you to play a variety of different games with the Colony and to to develop your team working skills.

2 Work with other Beavers to make something, or complete a challenge or activity together.

  • This could be number of things from producing piece of artwork or a junk model, to planting bulbs.

3 Show your leader that you are a helpful team member.

  • You need to be helpful and useful when doing things in a team such as with your Lodge, or in a games team, or as part of an activity group .

4 Take part in at least two Log Chews.

  • A Log Chew gives you a chance to have your say about what the Colony wants to do, such as deciding on an activity or game, or where to go on an outing.

5 Be a leader in an activity or captain of a team.

Teamwork Challenge

  • You could be the captain of a football or relay team, and pick your fellow team members. Or you could also lead an activity group, collecting the things that the team needs and explaining to them what they need to do.

6 Show that you are a good friend.

  • You will do this by making friends within the Colony, and by showing that you understand what it means to be a good friend.

To earn your Teamwork Challenge, you must :

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