Once you have done the Teamwork Challenge Award, you can set about earning your Team Leader Challenge Award by doing these tasks over at least three months:

1 Lead your Six in an activity or captain a team.

  • You don't have to be a Sixer to meet this requirement - members of the Six could take it in turns to lead their team, for example during a treasure hunt or while completing an activity. You could also lead their tent group in setting up camp, or take charge of their team during a competition

2 Help a new Cub to join in with the Pack meeting.

  • You could help by taking responsibility for teaching them different things, for example joining in with grand howl, making sure they get a drink at snack time, including them in games.

3  Teach another Cub a new skill.

  • You need to teach a new skill to another member of your Pack, such as a Scouting skill, like tracking or how to tie a knot, or one of your personal hobbies or interests.


Team Leader

4  Ask your Six or team what they want to do in Cubs, tell your leaders and help to make sure that it happens

  • Finding out what the rest of your Six want to do, then representing them at a Pack Forum is an important skill to learn; not just for Sixers, but for all members of the Pack. The activities suggested could be used to help the Cubs completing their awards.
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