The Group serves the communities in and around Wedmore - including the villages and hamlets of Bagley, Blackford, Clewer, Cocklake, Crickham, Heath House, Latcham, Mark, Mudgley, Panborough, Sand and Theale. However, it also takes members from further afield

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6 to 8

years of age

Children can join the Beaver Scouts from the age of 5 if it is considered appropriate by the Leader.




There is an active Beaver Colony, which meets on Monday Evening - information about Beavers

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8 to 10

years of age

In England and Wales, no child can join the Cub Scout Section under the age of 8. This is due to the provisions of the Children Act.




Currently, due to a Leader shortage, there is only one Cub Pack, which meet on Tuesday Evening - information about Cubs

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10 to 14

years of age

Cub Scouts, or young people new to Scouting, can join between the ages of 10 and 11.




The scouts meet at the Scout Hut on Monday evening, unless there is an outdoor activity - information about Scouts

Section header - Explorers

Explorer Scouts & Young Leaders

14 to 18

years of age

Scouts, and young people new to Scouting, can move on to Explorer Scouts or become a Young Leader between the ages of 13 and 15. Scouts or young people new to Scouting may join between the ages of 13 and 15 - information about Explorers

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18 to 25

years of age

Explorer Scouts can move on to the Scout Network between 17 and 18. Explorer Scouts, or young people new to Scouting, can join between 17 and 18. Membership of the Scout Network ceases on their 25th birthday.

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