To earn your Personal Challenge, you need to :

Complete two personal challenges that you agree with your Leader.

  • You should choose one of the challenges and your leader will choose the other.
  • The challenges should require some kind of personal commitment.
  • A good time to try to earn this Award is towards the end of your time in the Beavers and before moving onto Cubs
  • You should discuss the possible personal challenges that you will try with your Leader or a Young Leader before you start them.


Here are some example challenges to help you think about what you could do. You don't have to pick a challenge from this list, you should choose to do something which is personal to you.

Personal Challenge

  • Look after a new Beaver for half a term
  • Talk about a topic you are interested in with an adult you don’t know very well
  • Bring your scarf to Beavers every week for a term
  • Remember to brush your teeth twice a day for two weeks
  • Show good behaviour at Beavers for 3 weeks in a row
  • Try something new that you are a bit nervous about
  • Go to a District fun day and talk to some other Beavers you don’t know
  • Try all of the food on Beaver sleepover
  • Remember to feed your pet every morning for a week
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