To earn the Adventure Challenge, you must :

1 Take part in two different adventurous activities. At least one of them should be new to you - you could try:

  • crate stacking
  • caving
  • abseiling
  • grass sledging
  • mountain boarding
  • bouldering
  • rafting

2 Take part in six other outdoor activities, of which at least two of them should be new to you - you could try:

  • flying a kite you have made
  • making and lighting a fire
  • following a blind trail
  • making a hot air balloon and flying it
  • making a ballista
  • playing some water games
  • going on an obstacle course
  • tracking

Our Adventure

3  Go on a hike, or follow a trail, for about 1 to 2 hours

  • This might involve using a map, compass, landmarks, taped or written instructions, orienteering, or going on a night hike.

4 Prepare for your activities and hikes. Find out what you need to wear and bring, and pack your own bag. You will need to know what you have with you, and remember everything you need.

Your leader may need to make sure that you know and follow the safety rules for your activity

Top tip: You may like to try, or use, one or more of the following  Activity Badges as part of this Challenge - Cyclist, Equestrian, Skater and Water Activities.

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