To earn your World Challenge, you must :

1 Meet someone who serves the community

  • It could be a police officer, lifeboat crew, a coastguard, fire fighter, youth worker or nurse.

2 Work with people or an organisation from a community.

  • Take the chance to find an issue that your Colony could help with. It should be something that helps people and also helps you grow as a person.
  • Plan and carry out the project with your Colony and others in the community. Then share what you learned from the activity with other people.
  • Talk about how it helped other people and what you will do with the skills and experiences you have gained



3  Take part in three activities that reflect England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, or your part of the UK - they could be:

  • dance and music
  • craft
  • festivals
  • sports and activities.

4 Find out about and take part in an act of worship, reflection or celebration.

5 Do your best and show you have kept your Beaver Promise. Share or talk about what you have done with your Colony or a Leader.

My World Challenge

6 Do at least three of these things:

  • growing something from seeds
  • mini-beast hunting
  • something similar agreed with your leader


  • junk modelling
  • pond dipping
  • leaf printing

7 Take part in activities from another country. You could learn the Promise in another language or make a dish from another country or culture.

Top tip: You may like to try, or use, one or more of the following  Activity Badges as part of this Challenge - Animal Friend, Communicator, Disability Awareness, Faith, International, Safety, Space, or World Issues.

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