To earn your Adventure Challenge, you must :

1 Try two adventurous activities - you could try:

  • archery
  • bouldering
  • zipwire or aerial runway
  • climbing
  • crate stacking
  • grass sledging
  • swimming
  • hiking
  • pedal go-karts

2 Take part in six other outside activities - you could try:

  • following a trail
  • building a den
  • having a go on an obstacle course
  • roasting marshmallows on a fire or BBQ
  • climbing a tree
  • building a sandcastle or sand sculpture

My Adventure Challenge

Go on a ramble or nature walk with a purpose

  • You must go out with adults and should have some fun on this this walk, like a treasure hunt, a nature walk,  a picnic, or  lay trails for each other using  special symbols.

4  Learn the Green Cross Code and show that you can cross a road safely

Your leader will need to make sure that you know and follow the safety rules for your activity

Top tip: You may like to try, or use, one or more of the following  Activity Badges as part of this Challenge - Cyclist, Explore, and Sports.

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