Moving-on Award - CubsThe Moving-on Award helps you to move on to the Scout Troop when you are about  10 years old - to gain it, you must:


  1. Go to both Cubs and Scouts for at least three weeks, and take part in the Troop programme
  2. Work for your Scout Membership Award at the same time.PICT0363

Scout section logo - New - transparentNormally, the Cub Leader presents you with your Moving-on award, at a going up ceremony.

If you have completed the requirements for the Scout Membership Award, the Scout Leader can then arrange for you to be invested as a Scout.

You wear your Cub Scout Moving-on Award on your Scout shirt, as well as your Joining-In Badge (highest number); and if you have gained it, your Chief Scout's Silver Award.

Have a look at the Scout section of this website to find out about the badges and awards that you can gain.

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