If you are a Cub, or new to Scouting, you can join the Scouts between the ages of  10½ and 14

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When you join the Troop, you must complete the Scout Membership Award. However, if you are already a Cub, and have your Cub Scout Moving-on Award, you may done some, or all of this. Once you have done every thing for the Scout Membership Award, you can be invested. If you are a Cub Scout you can transfer the following badges to your new Scout uniform:

  • Cub Scout Joining In Badge (highest number)
  • Cub Scout Moving-On Award
  • Chief Scout's Silver or Bronze Award
  • Any Staged Activity Badges (highest number / stage gained)












Joining the Scout Troop

The scouts meet on Monday evening between 7.00 and 8.30 pm, and normally at the Scout Hut, unless they are taking part in an outdoor activity. When you are invested as a Scout you will receive the Membership Award. Wearing it means that you are part of the worldwide family of Scouts and will be recognised by Scouts from all around the world.Wedmore Group Scarf

 If you don't already have one, you will also be given a lemon coloured scarf (sometimes called a ‘necker’) with the ‘Isle of Wedmore’ badge on it, to show that you belong to Wedmore Group.

Your parents and family usually come to hear you make your promise, at the investiture ceremony

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