How we manage our Joining-in List

The Group keeps to the equal opportunities policy of The Scout Association, and is open to all young people, aged from 6 to 14 years; subject to places being available, and there being sufficient adults in the Section for it to be run safely and successfully.

We operate a single Joining-in List for the entire Group; which includes anyone who wishes to join and is waiting for a place to become available within the appropriate Section; including young people moving into the area. So, this means that if a young person is unlucky not to obtain a place in one Section, they will be held our Joining-in List for the next age group; where they will generally be offered a place once they are less than six months of reaching the starting age of that Section. There is no need to reapply for each Section.

Places within Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will be allocated in the following priority order; subject to the young person being able to spend at least six months in the appropriate Section, before reaching the age that they will have to leave that Section:

  1. Young people who are already a member of the Group, moving up to the next Section, i.e. moving from the Beaver Colony into Cubs and from the Cub Pack/s into Scouts;
  2. The children, or grandchildren, of Leaders and full time helpers who invest time in helping to support Wedmore Scout Group; including new adults joining the Group in these roles;
  3. Young people moving into the area who are already a Member of the Scout Movement;
  4. Young people living in Wedmore, and the villages and hamlets of Bagley, Blackford, Clewer, Cocklake, Crickham, Heath House, Latcham, Mark, Mudgley, Panborough, Sand and Theale; or within the remainder of the BS28 postcode area;
  5. Young people living outside the BS28 postcode area, but who have a sibling in the same Section, or one of the other Sections;
  6. All other young people.

Within these groups, priority will be allocated according to age. Where individuals are within six months of each other, the length of time they have been on the waiting list shall be taken into account.

If a young person fails to meet the standards required by their Section then their place may be withdrawn and be offered to someone on the waiting list. In particular, this means regularly attending meetings and events; but also includes other factors, such as behaviour and paying subscription fees.                                                              Download a copy of this policy

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