The Group was re-established in 1993, after being closed for some years - but its history goes back to the early days of Scouting

Group Photo 1919The Troop was first registered in 1919, so this picture shows the original members of the Troop, which was under the leadership of the Rev. Chisholm, the vicar of St. Mary's Church, Wedmore. In 1928 the Troop is recorded as having one Scout Master (Rev. Chisholm) and two Assistant Scout Masters, with 14 Scouts. The Assistant Scout Masters were Mr H Brown and Mr S Pavey.

The Group is mentioned in the Local Association returns in 1932 as having 16 Scouts, two Rover Scouts and two Leaders, but seems to have disappeared some time after 1935, when the picture on the right was taken. It is likely that the Group closed during the period of the 1939 / 45 war.

However, it was re-registered in 1947 with the Rev. H C T Morgan, the vicar of St. Mary's Church, as the Group Scout Master and Mr D A Kennewell as Scout Master, together with 12 Scouts. Once again, the Group appears to have closed, as records are not available.

Group Photo 1965In 1965, Mrs Vera Banwell restarted the Group by opening a Wolf Cub Pack and was later joined by Judith Hunter and Beryl Higgs as Assistant Cub Masters. In due course, in 1971 a Scout Troop was started under the leadership of Mr G B Daine (Scout Leader) with help from Mr D Johnson as Assistant Scout Leader. The Group continued under various leaders and with varying sections, until part of the hut roof was blown off early in 1990, leaving them without anywhere to meet. By November 1990, there were no active Beaver, Cub or Scout sections and only two serving officers from the Group’s Executive left, so the group closed for a while.

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