Beaver Scouts officially started in 1982

2010 was the twenty fifth anniversary of the Beaver Scouting in this country. Having begun in Northern Ireland in the 1960’s and slowly spread across the country, the section was officially started with a uniform in 1982. To complete the process, 3 ½ years later Beaver Scouts finally became an official section, and a simple Promise was introduced. Beaver Scouts - Early badge

In those days Beaver Scouts wore a grey sweatshirt and turquoise necker with a maroon woggle and got just the membership badge, and one other badge after they had been in the Colony for at least a year. For a long time just one badge was felt to be not enough! - this is a picture of it.

There was a bit of a change in 1995 when a new badge scheme started; however all it meant was that the single Beaver Scout badge was split into two halves (of six months each) and there was a new Beaver Scout Challenge.

P1010877Many other changes have taken place since, such as replacing the turquoise necker with the Group necker; and accepting girls; also changing the grey sweatshirt for turquoise one, and the use of lodge coloured woggles instead of the maroon Beaver woggle. Additionally, there are now lots of new badges to get.

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