Joining-in AwardsJoining-in Awards

These badges are numbered to show how many years you have been in the Scout Movement, starting from the time you first joined. You can wear all of the badges you get while in the Scout Troop, then keep the highest numbered badge when you move on to Explorer Scouts

Challenge Awards

There are nine Challenge Awards, which cover a number of themes, from the physical and outdoorsy to challenges dealing with the local community or issues connected with the Scouting world. Clicking on the badges below will tell you what you need to do to meet the challenge.

You are expected to show personal commitment and be fully involved in the activities. The level of involvement will depend on the your previous experience and your personal ability. You can attempt a Challenge Award more than once; however, if you do you will have to work harder at it, the second time around.


World Challenge


Skills Challenge


Creative Challenge


Outdoors Challenge


Adventure Challenge


Expedition Challenge


Teamwork Challenge

Team Leader Scout

Team Leader Challenge

Personal Scout

Personal Challenge

Chief Scout Silver AwardChief Scout's Gold Award

You should aim to get this badge, which is the highest award available in the Scouts. To gain it you must have completed all of the above Challenge Awards, plus six activity or staged activity badges. If you have not quite completed the requirements for this award when you move on to Explorer Scouts, you can complete it in your first term in the Explorer Unit.

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